About Our Ink Cartridges

All cartridges are covered by our inclusive 1 year 100% guarantee warranty. If the cartridge doesn’t work, we will replace it free of charge.

Franker Supplies offer a broad range of compatible franker ink cartridges from our manufacturing and distribution premises in the UK.  We have been manufacturing and supplying cartridges since 2012 and provide the following high quality UK made products:

Compatible Franking Machine Ink Cartridges

Pitney DM300c Compatible Franking Machine Ink Cartridge

Our franking machine compatible cartridges are all high quality, fully guaranteed products which provide great savings over the OEM equivalents from Pitney Bowes, Neopost/Quadient and others. They all comply with all major Worldwide postal authority ink colour specifications (for colour and fluorescence as appropriate) and in the case of the UK market, have been individually tested and approved by Royal Mail for these points using appropriate models of machine prior to testing prints on high speed mail scanners prior to granting approval, so that we are happy to confirm that all cartridge shapes and any chip data are guaranteed to fit and work in appropriate models claimed for them, in any market in the World.

Compatible Franking Machine Ink Cartridges

Neopost IS240 UK Remanufactured Blue Ink

Franker Supplies compatible cartridges utilise the latest technology, components and logistics and are now more sophisticated than ever.  The term ‘Compatible’ only applies to ink cartridges that are genuine ‘originals’ to begin with. Franker Supplies carry out a stringent section process to ensure only selected ‘originals’ that have never been refilled or previously remanufactured are used. The next step in the process is to thoroughly ‘clean out’ the cartridges.  The cartridge chambers are cleaned and flushed out with de-ionised cleaning agents. Then to finalise the cleaning process we conduct a centrifuge evacuation to ensure no particles or ink residue are present, resulting in a completely clean cartridge inner chamber. The final step is to fill the cartridges with the correct volume of specially formulated ink. The ink cartridges are then extensively tested to ensure the correct flow rate, dry time, colour density and to ensure the correct yield is achieved to equal or higher than the machine manufacturers specifications.

Our comprehensive range of cartridges are finished in our own production facility located in the United Kingdom. We control the entire process from start to finish to ensure every ink cartridge compatible in our facility is 100% guaranteed.

NOTE: We do not supply or recommend refilled cartridges!

A refilled cartridge is nothing more than that. A refiller will simply inject what they deem ‘enough’ ink into the already used and clogged up cartridge, then repackage the cartridge ready for sale. This low budget approach can cause a variety of problems. As a result dealers and end-users are reluctant to try refilled cartridges due to the poor quality and troublesome performance associated with them.